Sunday, December 6, 2009

Physiological Barriers

Physiological barrier is any biological problem that may inhibit symbol reception, such as hearing loss, injury or physical illness, speech defects, and even vision problems influence the effectiveness of communication. This type of barrier is within the individual. How can an Organization overcome this type of barrier?

Semantic Barriers

Communication is the process of trasmiting a message from a sender to a receiver. Oftentimes there are instances when we can't communicate clearly what we want from one person to another. This is due to some barriers that we enocounter.An example of this is, semantic barriers. Semantic means science of words. Semantic distractions occur when a word is used differently than you prefer . A single word conveys lots of different meanings. Each word is understood in reference to the context of the sentence as well as place and situation it is used at. Semantic Distortion can be deliberate or accidental. When it is deliberate, it is intended so but the one that is accidental hinders the progress of communication. It renders ambiguity to the message and every different individual may come to his own conclusion in the end. For example, the word chairman instead of chairperson, may cause you to focus on the word and not the message.How then can an organization overcome this type of barrier to effectively communicate information?